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You can get disillusioned by all the misinformation out there regarding money. You want to manage your money the best you can, but it seems everywhere you turn someone’s trying to make a buck off you instead of giving you the advice you’re seeking.

That’s why I’m writing my Best Money Books series. I want to share with you the information you need to effectively manage your money yourself. For these books to truly be the “best,” your participation is needed. Some behaviors might need to be changed, priorities reconsidered, and a bit of effort put forth. It will be well worth the effort.

Best Debt Elimination Plan

If you’re paying high interest debt to others, I suggest you begin with Best Debt Elimination Plan: Debt Management Strategies that Get You Out of Debt Quickly and Economically. Why? Because that high interest loan or loans are costing you way more than you think, and the faster you can eliminate them the more money you’ll save.

Read the e-book, paperback, or listen to the Audible version. Part of the Best Money Management Books series.

Best Roth!

Best Roth! A Beginner’s Guide to Roth IRAs, Employer Roth Options, Conversions, and Withdrawals teaches you to maximize your use of tax-advantaged accounts. I favor Roth contributions when feasible, whether to a Roth IRA, employer-sponsored Roth option, or both. Still, there’s room for pre-tax or traditional contributions in your investment plan too when appropriate.

Read the e-book or paperback version. Part of the Best Money Management Books series.

How to Become an HSA Millionaire

Back in the early 2,000s, after taking a deep dive into what was then a brand new tax-advantaged account, I couldn’t believe all the tax advantages a health savings account (HSA) afforded. I knew this translated into a higher after-tax rate of return, but I had no idea how high until I opened up my own HSA and started investing.

Subscribing to a high deductible health plan, maxing out your HSA contributions, and paying your healthcare expenses out-of-pocket isn’t a strategy for everyone; However, if you’re like me it could be the most powerful wealth building tool in your arsenal.

Unlike other tax-advantaged accounts that have come under fire recently by Congress, HSAs are beloved by both political parties. It isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so why not take advantage? It’s like a 401(k) or IRA on steroids.

It’s all spelled out in my first financial planning-related book, Maximize Your Earnings With a Health Savings Account. Seriously, there’s no better way to build your wealth than with an HSA. Become an HSA millionaire!

Read the e-book version.

What if You Get Hit By a Bus?

Please look both ways before crossing the street. If you forget, or are stricken by some other fatal calamity, make sure your loved ones are protected. If they’re not, then you need to write your own Bus List.

The Bus List—Essential Estate Planning Including Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers, Beneficiary Deeds, TODs and PODs, Estate Taxes, Plus Organizing and Securing Your Records is a great resource. It cuts through the legal mumbo jumbo and gets right to the essentials.

Take care of the “big stuff” now. Estate planning is best done when it is not an emergency. If it’s urgent, you’ve waited too long. Write your Bus List today!

Read the e-book or paperback version.

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